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Body hair transplant

The body to scalp hair transplant is the procedure in which body hairs are taken from the abundant donor hair present on beard, chest etc for transplant to the scalp. This is done by scarless FUE technique as day care procedure .There is about 1 million hairs present on the body. Person having high grade of baldness such as class 7 may not have enough donor hairs at the back and side of the scalp (only 12500 hairs out of permanent 25000 may be transplanted). So the BHT is the only option for hair restoration for such cases. Now with the advancement in technique and better tools, the follicular unit extraction method can utilize the body hairs as a donor site for transplant to scalp area.

The efficiency of BHT is unfortunately overemphasised due to marketing strategies. Body hair, no matter where it is taken from, has a very different character compared to scalp hair; it usually consists of single hairs which means its coverage is less, it is usually finer except beard hair, it grows much slower, it is curly and its growth after transplanting is less predictable. There are also technical difficulties in harvesting body hairs. For all these reasons, body hair transplant should be considered only when donor scalp hair is not sufficient.

Preparation before the procedure

  • Shaving of the chest and abdomen hair 5 days before the procedure

  • Shaving of beard hairs 2 days before the procedure

  • During the procedure the anagen hairs would have grown to adequate length for extraction. The anagen follicles are identified in enlarged view by surgical loupe to see the hair shaft in the epidermis beyond the entry point of hair

Post procedure care

  • Local antibiotic ointment is applied over the extraction site

  • Dressing is done and which is removed next day , thereafter daily bath can be taken and prescribed ointment is applied

  • Antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed for 5 days

  • Prevent direct sunlight exposure and Sunscreen agent to be applied for 7 days

  • The donor site usually heal within a week

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