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Beard and Facial Hair Transplant

Growing a beard and grooming it stylishly is the new trend in youths. Many Hollywood, as well as Bollywood celebrities these days, are sporting a beard that makes them look even hotter. Naturally, the youth in this decade wants to follow the latest trends giving rise to the trend of growing beard, mustache, goatees, etc. Here at Dezire clinic, we will help you achieve your dream look with perfectly placed, fuller facial hair.

Indications of Beard or Facial hair transplant:

Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for facial hair growth. Generally, all men have around the same level of testosterone in their bodies. It’s their reaction to the hormones that dictates the density of facial hair. So men who have thick beards probably react well to the hormone.

Candidates who may want to undergo facial hair transplant may be those who have:

  • Scars due to trauma, surgical procedure or burns, cleft lip surgery scar

  • Suffering from traction alopecia leading to loss of hair

  • Underlying medical conditions like infections

  • Scarring caused by conditions such as folliculitis

  • Loss of hair, due to previously conducted transplant surgery

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