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Female Hair Transplant

we recognize women suffering with hair loss require a customized and different treatment plan than men when considering hair and eyebrow restoration. Compared to men, hair loss in women manifests in different patterns, generally is more diffuse, and can occur at any age. In men, there is a strong genetic pattern, whereas in women other underlying conditions play major role in thinning of the hair.

Hair loss in women is a devastating disorder that can be treated medically or non surgical technique . For women, a thorough disease specific medical evaluation is necessary in treating hair disorders by a specialist doctor. Women typically notice hair loss during the menopausal period with reduced hair density usually in the middle of the scalp that thins laterally. The hair is often miniaturized because of a longer resting telogen phase. Rarely hair loss occurs in the frontal hairline.

Not only in males, is hair transplant also possible and commonly done in females. With improvements in hair transplantation techniques have meant that we can now reassess female patients who in the past would have been rejected as unsuitable for the procedure. The new techniques of AUTOMATED MaX FUE and BioFue have allowed transplanting any number of grafts for coverage of baldness in women too. On an average we can transplant around 1500 grafts to 2000 grafts by unshaven fue technique. It takes around 6 to 9 months to see the full grown results. There is simple post procedure similar to male need to be followed. The results are natural and permanent and without any side effects.

With our technique the women baldness will be treated with following advantages:
• No admission or stay required
• Can resume work from next day
• Procedure is done under local anesthesia and recovery is fast
• Maintaining the natural angle and direction to give absolutely natural look in women also is possible as we are using special technique and special instruments for plantation.
• Thicken thinning areas while avoiding damage to or removal of existing hair follicles.
• Utilize the dense packing procedure to achieve a relatively high density in treated areas.
• Minimize scarring in both donor and recipient sites.
• Unshaven fue technique is done in females

Hair grafting or hair implantation, also called hair transplant surgery is an outpatient l procedure. Gone are the days when a hair transplant made a scalp look like a field of newly planted corn.
We offers female patients who suffer from hair loss with the premier hair loss procedure-Automated FUE. Using this new technology for women who suffer with hair loss, receding hairlines or thinning eyebrows, our patients receive excellent aesthetics results.

There are basically two types of surgical procedures available for women who want desire thicker hair or fuller eyebrows. For those women who are eligible to have surgery, the procedures available are the Strip method, and a simpler and less invasive surgical method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Of the two procedures, FUE is the most desirable cosmetic procedure because it does not leave a large linear scar at the back of your scalp. Compared with the Strip method, FUE is more desirable because no sutures or staples are involved, healing is less complicated, and the risk of bleeding and nerve damage is virtually non-existent. This procedure is also performed in the safety and comfort of a small outpatient office surgical setting.

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